Trulia founder Flint joins VC group

19 Dec 2016

Pete Flint

Pete Flint, the founder of Trulia and its CEO-chairman before it was sold to Zillow Group in February 2015, is moving on to work with a VC firm that backs tech start-ups with cash, technology support and mentoring.

He’s joined NFX Guild, a $15 million venture fund, as a managing partner. The company works on an invitation-only basis, giving each company it funds $120,000; technology opportunities; support in building its network-effect tools with similar companies; mentoring and investor introductions.

“I found during my own entrepreneurial journey that the best advice was often sort-of through this safe sharing between peers,” he told TechCrunch. “After 10 years of starting and building Trulia, I kind of needed to recharge my batteries,” he told Inman News.

He was with Trulia for 10 years, through May 2015, and left four months after Zillow acquired it for $2.5 billion. He remains on the board of directors of Zillow Group, Trulia’s parent company.

Other leaders in NFX Guild include James Currier, co-founder of Tickle and several other companies; Gigi Levy Weiss, a managing partner based in Israel; and Stan Chudnovsky, a limited partner and head of products for messaging at Facebook.


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