Check these cool openings at Cox Auto

06 Nov 2015

Know something about competitive intelligence or market research? How’d you like to live in Atlanta? If so, Cox Automotive — parent of, and a whole host of other automotive advertising and software products — might be looking for you.

We spotted a couple of job openings on the Cox site that look terrific for the right person. To make things even better, Cox Automotive is truly a class-act company, and Atlanta’s a great place to live.

First there’s the “director of market intelligence.” It’s a senior-level position requiring 10 years of experience in business or competitive intelligence, market research or a similar field. The director will manage a team, and will be expected to provide “insightful evaluation of third-party analyst reports and syndicated market research reports focused on competitors.” (Sounds like he or she will be spending time reviewing Classified Intelligence Report.)

Here’s a link to that job.

There’s also a posting for a senior director of market research and intelligence. (We’d post a link to that one, too, but the Taleo HR app is being flaky.)  Search on for that one, and it should come up.

Either way, it’d be a great place to work.




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