In Japan, AtHome partners with Tokyu Housing Lease

04 Apr 2017, a leading real estate classified site in Japan, geared up to manage the biggest database of rental properties in the country, after linking up with a property management site to pool the listings of both sites.

By linking in real-time with the property management system and application interface of Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation, the latest information on the vacancy status of a rental property (managed by Tokyu Housing) is released to AtHome Business Base (ATBB) – an estate-agent service managed by AtHome.

The merged database is also available to consumers (not only businesses).

ATBB registers, searches, and obtains property information, and manages the disclosure to real estate companies and individual home seekers.

Currently, AtHome lists properties from more than 54,000 locations across the country, according to a news release.

AtHome was founded in 1967. It employs 1,398 people. The company earned ¥24.388 billion ($207 million U.S.) in revenue in the financial year from July 2015 to end-June 2016.

In Dec., 2016, the real estate vertical hived upmarket rentals off in a new site. The latest move is aimed at getting an edge over rivals SuumoChintaiMynaviHome’s and Yahoo.

Tokyu Housing started its property management business in 2014.


Tariq Ahmed Saeedi

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