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May 2015

Geebo offers SafeTrade program

Geebo offers SafeTrade program to help protect buyers and sellers

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. --- Geebo, a website that offers “safe community classifieds” in the United States, has launched a SafeTrade initiative to help buyers and sellers using Geebo ensure that they stay safe when conducting transactions.


Nov 2013, Zoomela free-classified portals worthy of note is primarily an aggregator site. Anyone can post a free listing direct to its site however, and it then can be syndicated to all affiliated free-classified sites as well. The listings won't necessarily win any rich-media awards, and vary from lovely to ugly, depending o


Jun 2013

New partners for ambitious Mondinion

Rumania-based, a real estate portal with a global focus, partnered with two, multi-country general classifieds platforms to extend the reach of its listings. U.S.-based and Germany-based agreed to duplicate all Mondinion listings on their platforms, Property Portal Watch reported today. [caption id="attachment_35965" align="alignleft" width="150"]<a href="


Apr 2011

WeGoLook, safe-classifieds startup

The topic of safe classifieds is at the forefront of many new listing sites, and multiple online discussions. It's an issue that ultimately

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