Ex-Microsoft search gurus join EBay

Two top executives behind Microsoft’s search product are joining EBay.

Christopher Payne and Dane Glasgow were Microsoft search gurus. They left the company in 2006 to start, a secretive firm that says only that it aimed to fulfill “Isaac Asmiov’s vision of thinking machines.”

Whatever it was up to, EBay liked it to buy the company this w

Seattle Post-Intelligencer to go Web only…or be shut down

Hearst Corp. said on Friday that it has put its Washington property The Seattle Post-Intelligencer up for sale and will stop publishing unless someone buys it in 60 days. If no buyer emerges, the paper would either become a Web-only publication or cease all operations.

The news, reported by the Post-Intelligencer itself, includes an

What happens when you mashup Craigslist with Facebook?

What happens when you mashup Craigslist with Facebook?

What do you get when you mashup Craigslist with Facebook? Corkin, a new Web site that allows users to post and search for classifieds but also comment on those listings, create profiles, and send private messages.

The name comes from the ubiquitous “corkboards” you find outside local supermarkets, libraries and on coll

Stats: Young shoppers use online classifieds

Young shoppers are more open to using online classified sites than older folks, according to a J.P. Morgan survey. A nugget in the company's recent Nothing but Net report that's of particular value to readers of shows that 48 percent of online shoppers between the ages of 18-25 reported having bought something on a classified site compared to only 17 percent of those

Highlights from J.P. Morgan’s “nothing but net”

J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan’s sprawling “Nothing But Net” report takes an unsurprisngly tough look at the state of the Internet for 2009. The 340-page report covers everything from search engine advertising to virtual worlds. The most important take aways for AIMGroup readers:

-- Performance-based search engine marketing is the one highlight of the year, with Kha

Where’s my new Monster?—There!

Where’s my new Monster?—There!

12:01 a.m. Where's my new Monster? I watched Monster's countdown clock click down the final seconds, in anticipation of somethinghappening. I expected a forced reload of the home page, pulling back the old dusty curtain to reveal ... what, I didn't know. .. This content is available free to Classified Intelligence Report clients. Want to know more about becoming a