Meg and Craig as ‘frienemies’

Meg and Craig as ‘frienemies’

We used to talk about “Craig and Meg” --- Newmark, founder of Craigslist, and Whitman, former CEO of EBay --- as major players in the classified advertising field. Obviously, with EBay's launch of Kijiji (and its subsequent growth), the lawsuits and countersuits between Craigslist and EBay, etc., they’re certainly “frienemies” now. But more enemies t

It’s official: Oodle to power Facebook Marketplace

Beginning in Q1, Oodle will power Facebook's new, improved Marketplace, bringing with it a vast network of listings that includes listings from Oodle-powered MySpace Classifieds.

Oodle CEO Craig Donato disclosed the deal on his company blog.

Craigslist pulls new money out of 8 new markets

Craigslist pulls new money out of 8 new markets

You got to hand it to these guys. Craigslist earned almost $4.5 million in recruitment advertising from Oct. 25 to Nov. 25 -- almost $637,000 of it new revenue, the direct result of adding eight new cities to the list of markets in which it charges per listing.

These are our estimates. Craigslist, which is private, doesn't report revenues. However, it's fairly easy to count Craig's listi

Rumors: Yahoo-Monster marriage?

Rumors: Yahoo-Monster marriage?

Recruitment blogger Joel Cheesman writes on Cheezhead that there are rumors circulating that Yahoo is interested in buying Monster -- or maybe even vice-versa.

It was a small mention in a larger blog item about how Monster CEO Sal Iannuzzi might (or might not) have gotten heavy-handed by having an alleged employee remove his view from the belly of the beast on the Yahoo Finance message b

Canwest launches 10 redesigned Web sites

All 10 of Canwest’s major city daily newspapers simultaneously launched redesigned Web sites Monday. Canwest touts these improvements: new design and simplified navigation; increased focus on locally relevent news and information; wider format; more chances to sound off; richer media; hyper-local classifieds; and integrated social network tools.

The new look:


Total Prestige aims to be Facebook for millionaires

Do millionaires use Facebook and MySpace? Maybe. But a new social network is specifically gunning for the uber-rich set. New York based, invitation only Total Prestige already has a number of Saudi Arabian oil magnates, European royalty out to promote their chairty work and even a former soap star - Daniel McVicar, a long time star of

Times Online: Microsoft interested in Yahoo again?

The U.K.’s Times Online is reporting that Microsoft’s interest in Yahoo is back on the table, but this time only for Yahoo’s search business.

The Times says that Microsoft wants to acquire Yahoo’s search for $20 billion and would shake up the Yahoo management team. Microsoft will not be making a new takeover offer, however, according to the report.