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Impact Engine launches self-service for advertisers

Impact Engine has announced a new self-service offering for advertisers – The Impact Engine Marketplace. There will also be a private label advertiser self-service solution allowing publisher clients to offer a full service placement solution to advertisers and ad agencies. The new offering will be formally released later this fall

Newspaper economics: What do you know?

   Here's a test about the newspaper industry and its economic health, developed by media economist Robert G. Picard and published online by Editor & Publisher.

   Take it --- no fair peeking at the answers --- and score yourself. You

Torstar writes down LIveDeal…to zero?

Torstar Corp. has written down its investment in LiveDeal by $2.4 million "to fair market value". The publisher of The Toronto Star and Metroland newspapers and owner of Harlequin Enterprises noted the writedown in announcing its second-quarter results July 31. The move follows the shutdown of Livedeal in Canada a month before. The company had invested $4.85 million in LiveDeal in late 2005, an

Where ad dollars are growing

Sometimes the bad news contains some positive patterns worth digging for.

Advertising Age magazine (subscription required) reported earlier this month that U.S. magazine ad pages were down 3.1 percent for the first half of 2008. The usual culprits hitting all media were blamed: declines in ad spending by auto companies, financial, real estate, etc.

You have to read through

Attention is the new currency

I've been polishing a theory for a while (since around 1980) that as consumers take more control of their media (1980 being the VCR), the challenge for media will be getting ad messages into people's brains.

So a couple of recent observations:

I was in a NYC taxicab recently and was amazed at the touchscreen facing me in the back seat. It was roughly 12 inches by 18 in

Study: Mobile Web reaches critical mass in U.S.

Mobile Web now claims 15.6 percent of mobile users in the United States, Nielsen Mobile reports in a new study – a good sign for advertisers who want to take advantage of the rapid expansion in use of mobile phones and gadgets that can access the Internet.

Unlimited-usage offers by mobile-service providers are driving much of the surge in use, according to Nielsen&rsquo

Associated Northcliffe Digital: Whose numbers should you trust? Your own

By Dan Lindley

Lies, damned lies and statistics? A new internal study done for Associated Northcliffe Digital, the online arm of the big British newspaper company, may not go as far as that hoary saying. But it shows that hard data may not be as hard as some think. In fact, there can be discrepancies, especially when measuring something as fluid as the Internet and Web sites’ a

Mobile …it’s ubiquity and it’s stickiness…a solution for local information providers

Mobile …it’s ubiquity and it’s stickiness…a solution for local information providers

Recently, my 13 year old grandson and his friend spent a week over spring break with me in Florida. His two older brothers are varsity athletes and thus kept his parents home in Chicago. One of our daughters' rules sent along with him was to take away his cell phone at night.On his second evening, I wandered into his bedroom about 1AM and noticed a glow under his sheet. There he was under the

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