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Deal personalization drove Groupon growth

Groupon just reported an 89 percent revenue jump for Q1 2012, compared with the same quarter of 2011. In North America its 75 percent growth was attributed in part to deal personalization, a targeting tool that will soon launch internationally. Groupon c

Beer-guzzler Groupon CEO to staff: grow up

Daily Deals giant Groupon is feeling some heat from the U.S. SEC because of accounting errors that caused an overstatement of income. It seems that deals merchants were refunded more than Groupon previously reported, though CEO Andrew Mason referred to it as a simple "bush league mistake."

New Daily Deals differentiators

By Sharon HillTwo Daily Deals platforms have recently launched: DailyDeals.com , and MyVici.com. Each has unique features, of which other Deals publishers should take note...This content is available free to Classified Intelligence Report clients. Want to know more about